Awake Awake
Drawfee – Wiggle Jiggle Blocks! Drawfee – Wiggle Jiggle Blocks!
Ebb Ebb
Zed – Eagre Games Zed – Eagre Games
Zed – Eagre Games Trailer Zed – Eagre Games Trailer
The Night Air [WIP] – Concepts The Night Air [WIP] – Concepts
Danceferatu Danceferatu
Veggie U – Veggie Worms Veggie U – Veggie Worms
WRD PLY – UI Design [concepts] WRD PLY – UI Design [concepts]
Drawn To You Drawn To You
The Figure Series – Ink and Watercolor
Cyto Cyto
The Line The Line
FiberWorks FiberWorks
RoboTest RoboTest
The Reveal [GSG 5sp] The Reveal [GSG 5sp]
Retro 1989 [GSG 5sp] Retro 1989 [GSG 5sp]
BLUE [+] BLUE [+]
CMYK Love [GSG 5sp] CMYK Love [GSG 5sp]
Falling Game Falling Game
Liquid Lawn Liquid Lawn
Caffeine Countdown [GSG 5sp] Caffeine Countdown [GSG 5sp]
Subliminal Photobooth [GSG 5sp] Subliminal Photobooth [GSG 5sp]
Driveby (Pixel County) Driveby (Pixel County)
Illumine Game Illumine Game
Ann Arbor Film Fest
Ann Arbor Film Festival Ann Arbor Film Festival
The Sleeper The Sleeper