CGD Summer Jam 2013 – CONWAY Game

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One of the products of the Cleveland Game Developers First-Ever Summer Game Jam!

CONWAY Title Screen


Theme: The Butterfly Effect

Stephanie Frankiewicz – Creative/Art/Assets
Mike Geig – Unity Programming
Jeremy Handel – Sound FX and Music
Philip Hedayatnia – UI menu elements and Level Design

What started off as a simple game of staying alive in a 2D version of Conway’s Game of Life, complete with pixel-art-style cherry blossom trees, ninjas and fire rain, soon got stripped down to essentials… staying alive in a 3D version of Conway’s Game of Life wrapped around a rotating cylinder.


CONWAY Game Screen


Not wanting to overpower the player with complex graphics, we stuck to a simple style. It’s honestly a bit too “Trony” looking back, but it was the best option with only 20-ish hours to go on.

The player can jump on different cubes – orange indicates a cube that is about to die, green a cube that is about to generate. Unlike Conway’s game, the player also acts as an “active” block, destabilizing any closed system of blocks.

The score is indicative of how long the player stays alive. One of the challenges to incorporate into this game was a 4-digit code that would somehow change the gameplay (not unlike a butterfly effect). This game has the option to enter in another game’s code at the outset. The blocks then spawn in the shape and order of those numbers. If no code is entered, the blocks spawn to form the word “CONWAY.” No game can be played exactly the same, unless the player moves precisely in the same manner. The score generated by each play-through can be entered into another Jam Game.

Thanks to all who helped to make this game! I personally think it’s pretty polished for a weekend of work ;)

Link to Game Coming Soon!!!




Robot Character Variations

Robot Character Variations