Daily Pixel: #13 RoboTest

Hello and Welcome to another Daily Pixel! Today I am sharing some progress I’ve made with the Blender Game Engine. Actually, this post should just be called “Why I Love Blender:”

1. Got a character rigged, set up with actions, etc, using the NLA editor. I’ve not really used that before, but I’m really glad I refreshed my notes – looks like it will be heavily useful.

2. Started using the Logic Editor to, well, edit the logic. Super intuitive.

3. The way textures are handled works very well with how I fabricate them. I’ve been really pleased with the way the environments and textures are working. Also, the map for the whole scene is an astounding 64×64.

Please drop comments and crits as you see fit. I just love making this stuff and do not want it to have to live in the dark corners of an old hard drive :)

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