Global Game Jam 2012

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Around sometime near the end of Janurary 2012, this event happened. Sleep-deprivated, geeked-out, Dew-fueled Game Devers created a score of games within 48 hours. What a great time. Here are some disconnected images and scattered thoughts around our team game, ‘Orbrs,’ a Unity-Blender-Aftereffects powered game of joy and death. Not overly ambitious…


ORBRS: Team SHEEPS’  ‘charmingly depressingly crushing’ concept game! Play it from here:


Eagan Rackley (concept & voodoo programming magic),  Elijah Snow-Rackley (concept, continuity, etc), Stephanie Frankiewicz (concept & art), Ian Faleer (KILLER sound track)  and Sam Marcus (general guru extraordinaire)


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