Global Game Jam 2013 – The Line

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The Line

This year the Cleveland Game Developers participated in another amazing Global Game Jam (#5!)!


The theme of the 48 hour world-wide game-making even was the sound of a heartbeat.
Quite a bit to go on. Ha!



TEAM SHEEPS reunited again for this one!  Eagan Rackley (Programming, Ukulele  Magic), Ian Faleer (Audio Composer Extraodinaire and Savior of the Game Jam) and myself (Game Art, Game Design) had an awesome 36+ hours of inspired work!


Given the time limit, I am very very pleased with our game. It is beautiful, uplifting, and mostly complete all at the same time!




The music is absolutely astounding, and every graphic element is animated. Your really should download and play!!!


Yes, the character is heavily influenced by Superbrothers. That’s the greatest form of admiration!!!

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