GSG 5sp: Subliminal Photobooth

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A 5 second piece for GreyScaleGorilla’s 5 Second Project contest:

My brain was off the charts crazy for this project. I had no idea what to do. Then I realized that I had no idea what to do with the 1.5 + years of Photobooth photos hanging around on my computer. (You see, as a rule I wake up, make coffee, boot up Macster Bags and document each day working with a Photobooth snapshot. Yeah, I don’t understand it either.)

After watching this, you will know way too much about me, including the following:
– Eye Color
– Rate of Hair Growth/Hairstyle Change
– Favorite Plaid Shirt
– Laundry Cycle
– Sleep Schedule
– Favorite Bands
– Cubist Layout of my old and new studios
– How Close/Far Away I sit from my monitor
– How Much sleep I am getting
– The Latest Fashions for Ohioians and Michiganders throughout Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall and another Winter.
– Oh So Much More! :)

Music: Made In Mexico

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