Here is a quick and dirty ditty (test render) of the 'Falling' game. Since the last video update ('Watercolor City' - there have been a great many changes, most notably: The player no longer controls a box (Oh! Progress!) Player character has loop-able and build-upon-able animations More environments are hashed out (at least in the sketch form you see here) Backstory - not evident here nor entirely necessary/included in gameplay (it's amazing what the brain comes up with after staring at meshes all day!) Mechanics... [progress blog entry] From January 2010:
04_12_TexTestRen_FallGame Updated progress for the "Falling" Game. Thus far completely UVed, now in need of dropping in other meshes and sorting out alpha channel issues. :) Previous Version:

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Concept, Textures, Assets, Animation

Logic + Assets: Peter Traylor

Tools Used:

Blender Logic Editor