I am currently working with a team to produce a side-scrolling alien-blasting adventure! With deep roots in Metroid, so far this has been so much fun to draw and animate. This is an ongoing project with ever-updating graphics, all of which can be found on twitter! (That source is updated as soon as content is created, the same cannot be said for this static page)   Here are some initial concepts, as well as a still from one of the main character's run cycles.

Initial Tara concepts

My personal favorite alien enemy, the "Roomba!"

Action frame of our heroine, Tara.


Some assets that will populate the city.


So much destruction! Painting currently. These have interchangeable parts that make for some wicked level design! Fresh from Illustrator and ready to be painted.

This buff baddie packs quite the punch!

A mock-up of the level to gauge contrast while painting.


Some of the early level alien sprite sheets


Some of Tara's sprite sheets


It's always tough to design your main character's demise.


A nice hodgepodge of Tara's actions!

An Alien Concept - these are the psychic/intellectual foes.


Another Alien Concept - these guys need armour to support their questionable brain matter.

Alien Concept - the hungry hungry fish face.

A layer-able stylized explosion!

This veteran crew member is one tough cookie.

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Set to be released for the Wii U, this Metroidian side-scroller is a joy to work on.

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